Motor Fleet Driver Safety Training

With our road systems being busier than ever, the safety of your drivers, or even you and your family members, is more important today than it ever has been.

This informative and educational series of Motor Fleet Driver Safety Training Videos, from CGU Insurance, has been developed by the Insurance Australia Group Research Centre. There are six short videos in this series, which covers off some of the basic things which your drivers (and you) should be aware of each time you operate a vehicle. These include Vehicle Safety Features, Roundabouts, Reversing & Visibility, Headlights, Car Colour & Visibility, and, one of the most relevant issues at the moment, the Dangers of Texting & Driving.

At Proactive, we like to work closely with our Fleet clients in helping to educate both themselves and their drivers, to operate vehicles in the safest possible ways. Both Workcover and Occupational Safety & Health legislation and requirements, dictate that there are serious consequences, including heavy fines, penalties and possible legal action, for those that don't take their legal responsibilities and obligations seriously. In some instances, it could even result in criminal charges being laid against the owners and operators for not providing safe working conditions for their employees.

However, there are also the consequences of increased premium charges and higher imposed excesses on insurance covers, for those that continue to have claims resulting from careless accidents that could have been avoided. That's where we come in to our own, in working with our clients so that they can proactively reduce losses, accidents and injuries in their business. So to see how we can assist you with your Fleet insurance requirements, contact us today.

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